Celebrating Dear Me: Stories of Healing Over Hurt

This post celebrates the success of the "Dear Me: I See You" anthology as it ranked in several categories on the Amazon Bestsellers List. Letters to the little girl within that unlock healing and transformation. Dear me, how did I get here?

Traci Demus-Gamble

9/14/20233 min read

I believe that nothing happens by chance. Everything under the sun is purposed and divinely orchestrated by God.

He Said What He Said

God had spoken to me years ago that I would be a writer. I was not ready at the time, but I heard Him. Twelve years later, I completed my first manuscript, my first book. While doing so, I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of an anthology by a long-time friend, Lynette Bradshaw. I quickly answered a resounding "yes". I officially became a published author in the "Dear Me I See You Anthology" with four other like-minded ladies who also had powerful testimonies of God's grace and stories of resilience. I knew this was God-ordained.

Control. Alt. Delete.

Not long after that “yes” is when doubt reared its ugly head. I began to question if I had done the right thing. Again with the questions. I wondered if I had answered too soon without counting up the cost. I wondered if my story would be good enough to help people. Even after writing and submitting my story, I immediately wanted to hit "Control Z" on my laptop to "undo" opening my heart, exposing my secrets, being vulnerable and transparent, putting myself out there, telling my story, and reliving events that I tried to forget.

Promises, Promises.

I realized then that God was fulfilling a promise He made to me the night my daughter died. I had to go through this process not only for me to heal, but to grow closer to Him. Throughout these twelve years, God was developing me, pruning me, qualifying me, shaping me, molding me, and restoring me. He was also assuring me that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I felt stuck for a long time, like I was on a long winding road that seemed to have no end. The funny thing is that I could see the light at the end, but it felt too far away to reach. God was and is my strength.

This is My Story!

He reminded me that this is MY story, MY testimony. I have to tell it so that He will be glorified. He began to open doors for me through the anthology. I was able to write an article for Up Words, an international magazine. God said in Proverbs 18:16 “A man’s gift makes room for him And brings him before great men.” God is honoring His Word and Promise. My pain has been transformed into purpose. I am an INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR! I'm humbled and honored to serve Him. Be encouraged. It gets better. God keeps His Promises!

Tell YOUR Story, Sis!

"Dear Me, I See You: A Collaboration Of Intimate Letters From A Woman’s Heart To The Little Girl Within," is a collection of real letters about relying on God while recovering from betrayal, molestation, divorce, and much more. We open our hearts on the pages in intimate letters to the little girl within. It will lead to a journey of healing, self-reflection, and growth.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

It takes courage to go back and visit places you tried to forget. This book will inspire you and help you to do just that so that you can be free and be transformed like a butterfly. You've been suffering far too long. It's time to choose healing over hurt. It is time to live the life that you were created to live. Give yourself permission to heal. Go get her.

He Did What He Did

It gets better. He did far more than I could even imagine. So when I saw that the anthology made Amazon's best-selling list, I was amazed. Not only that, but it also ranked on Amazon Hot Release in multiple categories. I knew that it was God! That is huge! I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to serve him in this way.

Right Here. Right Now.

As I celebrate what God has done so far, I’m overwhelmed with joy. Though I look forward to all that He will do next, I’m going to sit right here for a while and thank Him for right now. I have faced many tragedies in my life, big and small, but God has made me triumphant over them all. He is using me to help others. This is “why”. To God be the Glory!

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