Happy New YOU!

The new year is another opportunity to discard old thoughts and behaviors and welcome the new and positive ones. A change in mindset will lead to wonderful new experiences and even healing.

Traci Demus-Gamble

1/4/20243 min read

Happy New Year clipart
Happy New Year clipart

Happy New YOU!

This is the time of year when many people make resolutions and set goals to journal, lose weight, study more, worry less, volunteer, start businesses, complete a fast, spend more time with family, save more, set boundaries, and do more of this and less of that. Others are afraid to think too far ahead because of potential obstacles, past failures and setbacks, even unhealed traumas, and so on. The challenge is not necessarily in the goals or plans themselves but in the mindset of making those plans actually happen. In other words, we struggle not so much with the “what” but with the “how.”

Out With The Old

To bring these plans to fruition, we have to reset or recondition our mindset. For so long, we have doubted our abilities, qualifications, education, value, support, and even self-worth. We've cared too much about what others think, their judgments, and opinions as if they even matter. These things have caused us to delay our success and even our growth.

In addition to what others think and say, we limit ourselves by our own thoughts and words. We've talked ourselves out of stepping out on faith and moving forward with the things that we know we have to do, the things we've been called to do. We've gotten used to patterns that cause self-sabotage. It is time to stop the madness!

In With The New

From this point forward, we are going to remind ourselves that we were created with purpose, in love and beauty, fearfully and wonderfully, and everything we need to succeed in life is already in us. Boldly affirm, decree, and declare that we are enough, we are worthy, and we are needed. Continue to do so until we truly believe it. Quiet the negative voices in our own heads and the mouths of others. Walk away from anything and anyone not benefiting us or helping us grow. We have a new and positive way of thinking.

We welcome 2024 with expectation, anticipation, and excitement of what is to come. Work diligently towards self-improvement, healing, growth, and maturity physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and especially spiritually. If and/or when we become overwhelmed or exhausted, we'll take a step back, rest and recoup, and get back to it! Victory is ours!

A Note To Self

It was 13 years ago today that my oldest daughter died by suicide. Her death affected my emotional and mental well-being dramatically. I mean it changed my whole life. Grief stole so much time, joy, peace, and happiness from me. I don't always look forward to the new year as much because of this. I didn't feel happy without my baby being here. Today, I declare and decree peace, joy, and healing over my life, my mental health, my physical health, my family, my finances, in everything attached and connected to me. I am healed…today!

A Note To You

Practice speaking kindly to yourself and others. We never know what others are going through, even while coming through for us. It is ok to not be ok. Allow room to feel and express your feelings. Lean on your support. Those who are for you will be there for you. Do not worry about weeding people out, God will handle that part. You'll see. Just hold on, keep going, and do NOT give up. It will get better. If somebody like me can do it, so can you!

Go ahead and make those plans, start that business, do that fast, start a new hobby, go for a walk, learn a new skill, journal, read, study, write that book, get that degree, schedule that appointment, book that flight, apply for that job, and do anything else that will help you to improve. Do it. Don't wait. If somebody like me can do it, so can you! Happy New Year! Happy New YOU!